Eden's Sims 3

Cade Farrow
Download Cade

 Jacob Littlefeather
 Download Jacob 

Conrad Verislov
Download Conrad

Boyd McKenna
Download Boyd

Vaughn Stevens
Download Vaughn

Billy Ross
 Download Billy

Chase Delaney 
Download Chase 

Joseph Adjani
(Inspired by Lenny Kravitz)

 Download Joseph

Kellan Kyle
Download Kellan

Ronan Farr
 Download Ronan

James McCabe
  Download James

Paolo Valente
 Download Paolo

Rick Parrish
Download Rick

 Thomas Asher
Download Thomas

Amina Rashad
Download Amina

Cian McKelter
 Download Cian

Jaycen Hendrix (a makeover from Lucky Palms) 
 Download Jaycen

David La Paz
Download David

Liza Cambridge
Download Liza


 We Will Rock You


  1. I love your sims, each one is so different xx

    1. Thank you Ina, that is so nice of you to say!

  2. Hey there, Billy ross is so dreamy x.x haha
    I've been trying to get him in my game but it's not working out too well D:
    I downloaded him and installed him, it was successful. But when I go to find him in the sim bin he is not there D:
    Do you think you could help? Please and ThankYOU!!! P.S I'm new to the game ;/
    and I love all your sims! great work :D

  3. Glad you like Billy, he's one of my favorites too. You can find him in the CAS bin section under Adults (not Young Adults). Hope this helps!

  4. Your male sims are so sexy!!! Thank you :)

  5. Thank you so much. I just love ALL your stuff.

  6. Thank you Bucko! I love yours too.

  7. Where I can download it to sims3pack? Can not find it, thanks.

    1. You can find most of my sims at the officials under Eden777 (http://mypage.thesims3.com/mypage/Eden777). They are all in sims3pack format. If you have a problem locating my page, let me know. -Eden

  8. Hi , i just wanted to let you know that i will be posting daily updates of creators creations on my blog. If your items is featured on my blog, I will of course redirect the download to your page. You can suggest some of your creations by clicking the " Share your Stuff" tab.
    Looking forward to see more of your beautiful items.

  9. Hey your sims are beautiful!!!
    What skin are you using for Billy?

    1. Thank you. Billy's skin is an older skin I no longer have in my game. I've looked around but can't find it--not sure which one I used. If you use Ephemera's Game skin, it would probably come close. Here's the link: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1ntls8PV
      Also, Navetsea's Real or Sexy skin would also work well: http://navetsea.blogspot.com/p/the-sims-3-skin-mods.html

  10. Hi! I just discovered your blog, and I've read the article you linked from your page. So I wanted to say 'BRAVO!' Finally male sims that look masculine...

  11. Thank you so much - glad you like my guys. :)

  12. I like your sim very, very much. It look very real and handsome! Also, it's the most beautiful I can find.

    I have downloaded the package. As you mentioned in simtech forum before, can I get the complete cc list for this please, except for his hair and skin?

    1. Sorry, forget to mention. I mean the complete cc list for Billy Ross.

  13. Hi! I just linked your handsome hunk Cade Farrow back to your blog. He's doing a guest appearance in my blog, The Grey Witches:
    I think you'd like to see what he's been up to at my place!

    1. Wow, I'm so impressed with what you've done on your site and with Cade! He's one of my favorite Sims and it's great to see him come to life. Feel free to use any of my guys if you like. Love the story.